But Saturdays Womens March On Washington Feltdifferent.

8, in 2008; at the National Equality March in 2009; celebrating the SCOTUS decision to make marriage equality the law of the land in 2015; on the way to the Womens March. (Photos: Courtesy of the author) More My daughter was barely a month old at her first protest march. It was in New York City, following the 2008 election and the passage of Proposition 8, Californias deeply divisive anti-gay-marriage ballot measure. Although she was just a sleeping infant in an Ergobaby, shes the child of two moms part of a family that cannot take its rights for granted and so found herself at many more demos on the same

... [...]

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In March, Snow Still On The Ground, The Donovans Approached The Kullens.

There have been politicians: Bernie Fowler, Louis Goldstein, Steny Hoyer, George Owings, Mike Miller. Celebrities, like novelist Tom Clancy. Business people: Johnny and Connie Gott of Gott Oil and local Fast Stop convenience stores; Phil and Jeannie Stone of Stoneys seafood restaurants; and last year, Mike... [...]

But The Sheer, Mind-boggling Logistics Of Trying To Make That Happen Would Mean Work Would Take At Least 30 Years And Add At Least Another 2billion To The Cost.

All sorts of historical figures have hung out in Westminster Hall, whose roof is held up by ancient beams in place from the 14th century. And there are the Members cloakrooms that still have storage spaces in case you want to bring in your sword. The favoured solution for repairs is to move all MPs... [...]

Where Your Money Goes All The Work It Takes To Pull Off Calverts Best Party Is Donated.

Its a lot of work to do in an election year, she says, but were used to working hard, and this is definitely worth it. Where Your Money Goes All the work it takes to pull off Calverts best party is donated. After expenses the wholesale cost of food and drink plus the aerial spotlight to draw all eyes to Rod n Reel all... [...]

Told German Daily Bild.

"On the way to the Borussia stadium, the (rival) fans weren't separated," RB Leipzig fan Lars H. told German daily Bild. "They threw eggs, cans, bottles and stones at us, flags and scarves were torn away. "Our children were pushed and attacked, we had to get them to the sides. There were several... [...]